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Welcome to our web-site of the Ekopark - The National Urban Park

The Ekopark - the world's first National Urban Park - is situated in parts of Stockholm, Solna and Lidingö municipalities. The National Urban Park was founded 1995. It´s called The Ekopark and offers a unique mixture of nature and culture. Because it´s locaded right in the middle of the city it´s important for recreation of thousands of city residents.

On our web-site we present the fantastic environment represented by the Ekopark, its history, our policy programme and the work we do in safeguarding, maintaining and displaying the unique natural and cultural values the Ekopark embodies.

Our web-site receives an average of 3200 qualified visitors each month, and 1 800 of them go on to our "Activity Guide". By qualified visitors we mean not merely those who drop in but visitors who then go on to other pages on the web-site.

Our activity guide offers the 50 member organisations and other stakeholders in the Ekopark an opportunity to list different events in their own programmes. During 2006, a total of 170 events were listed.

The maps - both the general survey maps and the detailed maps - of the various areas in the Ekopark have been highly praised. They are the work of Ann Nyström whose e-mail address is


  • 26 km2 in total - 18 km2 of land and 8 km2 of water >> Map
  • Unique, rich and well-known biodiversity
  • Many rare species - this is the only place in Sweden that som plant and insects are found
  • Probably the densest population of giant oak trees in Europe
  • Hundreds of protected and architecturally unique buildings
  • The most frequented urban park area i Sweden
  • The most frequented tourist destination in Sweden
  • Four Royal Palaces can be seen during a sightseeing tour.
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